Friday, 31 July 2009

Hola !!!

I have returned from holiday feeling incredibly fat and frumpy and i don't know whether its the fact that everyone everywhere was a size 6, Gary managed to take the most unflattering pictures ever ( see the evidence below) or how large i am managed to get brought up in every conversation with my in laws (i know they don't mean in but i sometimes feel like they wonder why Gary married the 'fat' girl)

I hope this ( and a large kick up the bum from my personal trainer next week who i will not have seen for 3 weeks) will inspire me to actually do something about it as i am fed up moping.

On the plus side I returned home to a my lovely Able Gable dress ( pics to follow) and Gary saw how fed up i am feeling and promised to buy a new lipstick ( which will turn into makeup if i have my way) so any suggestions for colours,brands etc would be very much appreciated.

Sunday, 19 July 2009

My Special Parrot

Or as an adult would say 'My New Swallow Tattoo'

I have got my first ( well technically 4th - you can see an existing one in the pic) of many new tattoo's to help me on my way to being a real alternative model

It was done yesterday by Dan at 4Skin Tattoo Fakenham and I am/was so impressed I shall be going back for more. The service was brilliant ( I was worried about having to go for 2 hours without a cup of tea but needn't have been) and for an apprentice Dan was brilliant

I love it and so does my daughter (she call's it her special parrot) but would love you to let me know what you think???


Saturday, 18 July 2009

Why is it ........

that one of the many times you have no money you see a dress like this?????????

I am sure that fate is working against me with this blogging Malarky. Every day I find something new that NEEDS to be part of my 'TalulaB the model wardrobe' that I can't afford and today is the turn of this STUNNING dress.

The dress is available here

'This frock is strictly limited to 12, created out of the love of the past by one dedicated Lady for all you other Able Grables out there!
They will not be made again!'

Get one while you can ladies (I wish I could - and whilst on the subject of beautiful things I cant afford, wouldnt this look stunning with one of the hair flowers I have been lusting over for days.) xx

Friday, 17 July 2009

My next tatto (after the one i'm getting tomorrow)

I love Sabina Kelley - I think she is stunning and it is her tattoo sleeves that have inspired me to do the same on my leg.

I wanted something personalised and after stumbling accross this.... I
knew that Liz would be the person to design my first commissioned tattoo.

My brief was rubbish - I had no idea what I wanted, just knew what I did not want and with no details at all liz came up with this as her first rough sketch ...................
Amazing isn't it !!!!!!!
Thanks Liz

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

How Do I Get Into Pin-Up? 11 Suggestions by Helen Highwater

I have just found this article by the fantastic owner of Pin up parade which specialise in Pin up clothing and also showcases some beautiful models in the galleries.

I have brought from Helen in the past so can recommend the service too


I just stumbled upon this page on myspace and I am sooooooooo pleased I have as the women on it are all stunning and if I cant get inspiration and drive from here I am doomed.
The lastest girl of the week on the page is Fleur who I have always thought is stunning.
Not only is she stunning but she has a fantastic new hair tutorial on youtube which has inspired me to dig my heated stick out of the bottom of the wardrobe.
It's on her blog too so enjoy

Monday, 13 July 2009

Hair Flowers

I have decided as a wannabe tattooed pin up I need some hair flowers.

I have fallen in love with these designs by andyseyecandy so I am going to have to get saving

Reccommendations of anywhere else to look would be appreciated !!!!

Friday, 10 July 2009


I have got a few problem areas that i would specifically like to work on toning up aswell as losing weight and these are:
My waist - I would love a much more defined waist
My mummy tummy
My Thighs aka tree trunks
My bingo wings
My double chin and hanster cheeks
I am going to start scouring the intenet for exercises to work on these areas specifically and will try these and post some before and after pictures and measurements etc.
If you have any ideas about exercises that might help or want to join me just comment - I am looking for weight loss buddies that may have a bit more of an idea than me

I have got a shoot - I need to loose weight for it

I have decided, as a birthday treat to myself to pay for a shoot with a fantastic photographer and his amazing makeup artist wife. Andrew and Helen Appleton

As i now have a date in mind for the shoot that should give my portfolio a real boost i have decided i need to loose a little bit of chub from my face and just tone up so i will be posting more on my exerise and diet.

These are a few of the pics that are the inspiration for my shoot with him..................

Friday, 3 July 2009

My Inspiration

Just thought i would post some pics of my inspiration ( Sophie,Mae,AprilMarilyn,Bettie and Bernie, Angelina,Sabina & Masumi and Dita) to give you some idea of the look i would like myself and the types of pictures i want to be producing in a few years.........

Every Alt model needs a pink wig

I have fallen in love with this wig ................

Isn't it amazing and i am sure i will find a use for it one day.

The service provided by annabelleswigs is amazing and the quality is fab too . I already have 2 wigs (thats me below in a picture taken by the very fab Lauren French, so i can highly recommend..

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

I so need to win the lottery so i can get some of these for inspiration ( i know they are not that expensive but i am v. poor)

Online Thing/Sites I love

I will admit i am a bit of an internet aholic - If there is such thing and these are a few of my fav webistes for advice,shopping,tips etc........ - Fantastic jewellery which i can vouch for as i have some and a beautiful spokes model Kandy K (

Black Orchid Designs on etsy - I love her designs and i am lusting over an eye patch - This is a fantastic site and i am sure the weight would just drop off of me if i had the motivation to keep my food diary.

and that's just to start with (i am getting distracted looking at things whilst i am doing this so will come back to it later)