Monday, 31 August 2009

Stats 14 August 2009

BMI 34.9
Weight 86.5kg / 191lb
Body Far 44%
Hips 117.5cm
Waist 105 cm

A bit about me

I have always battled with my weight and have been on numerous diets/exercise regimes and i am always the first to spend money on a new fad.
However, none of these have worked, which is why i am here.
I lack motivation so i am thinking that by blogging i can follow other people who have been more successful and get some feedback from everyone of my progress.
I have hundred of books/DVDs and pieces of equipment that have never been used so i will use the blog as excuse to try them and review them so you don't make the same mistakes as me.
I don't eat too unhealthily (i think) but i do eat too much at the wrong times, and i do not do enough exercise and only exercise when my personal trainer is here ( even though she has written me a fantastic programme to do on my own) so i am looking to change that.
I will post a food/exercise diary - pictures - my stats inc weight when they are taken by my personal trainer.
Wish me luck

Sunday, 23 August 2009

I really should post more - Update

I have been run of my feet with work these last few weeks and lack of ££ has only helped to hinder my amazing transformation into gorgeous alternative model.

So I thought I would give you a little update as to what I have been up to and what is in the pipeline for the future.

I am expecting my able grable dress back from the dress makers this week where the length is being altered - I'm only 5'2.

    I brought a red sparkly snood to go with it - but at the moment my vintage hair attempts are disastrous and my daughter has decided she looks better in it than me - and I have to agree.

    I am making my first ever trip to MAC this week so I am sure i will come away with some goodies to review.

    I am in love with my illamasqua lipstick quad and i am using it as much as possible. As soon as i get a decent lip brush i will do some proper reviews and attempt to take some photos

    Talking of photos, i had some brilliant advice, from the queen of trash, on which camera to buy to get brilliant photos like everyone else, but in the meantime i shall be following this post by Lipstick Rules to see if i can get any hints.

    I have brought some eyeko makeup and some mineral makeup from cory cosmetics that I and desperate to be able to use and review but i am waiting for my eyes to clear up properly. Yuk

    I have got a photo shoot on Sunday with the fantastic due Tim and karenza Rosier. I am even letting karenza borrow my hubby for a little while ( though he doesn't know it) as the photographs she produces of male models is stunning and my hubby scrubs up OK. I shall be wearing my able gable dress for one of the sets and just emptying my wardrobe to see what we can come up with for the rest.

thats my hubby !!!!!!!

As i have previously posted i think the queen of trash is fantastic and i am working on some ideas for a shoot inspired by her, I have a MUA interested so just need to find a photographer.

    I am still useless at my makeup application so anyone who knows of good 'alternative' makeup tutorials on YouTube please get in touch.

Monday, 17 August 2009

Calendula to the rescue - I hope

I have been a busy been buying products i want to try and review and finding looks all over the Internet to attempt to recreate but i have had a really bad outbreak of eczema on my eyes.
I have today read that calendula salve is very good for clearing this up and i have just brought some so hopefully it should arrive this week so by the end of next week i can get back to trying makeup products on my eyes.

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

I treated myself this morning

I couldnt resist this fantastic deal - details here

Sunday, 9 August 2009


I fear that my weekend ebaying my life away to raise funds for photshoots has been ruined by one post about Dotty Ps new clothes - heres the blog post and this is what I have fallen in love with......

Saturday, 8 August 2009

My Dream Shoot (well one of a few)

I have decided that I need some horror and gore in my portfolio if I am going to be a true alternative model

And who better to do it with than Akasha Deville who is a fantastic Special FX make up artist ( and a model too - she modelled for Rankin !!!!!! ) with her pictures regularly being featured in magazines such as Bizarre.

The first one is Kandy - another of my fav. models
We have been speaking about a shoot for the last few days and we have decided to do a Jack the Ripper themed shoot which i am soooooooooo excited about as i am a bit Ripper mad ( long story involving past lifes etc)

And...... I have found a seller on ebay who does reproduction victorian underwear that I hope will add the finishing touches.

I just now have to save like mad to be able to put the deposit down and book a date - How do you raise money for the something you just have to have???

This stunning lady is now my inspiration going forward.

If I can look as good as her and have her confidence and be producing such a wide variety of pictures as her,ever, then I will be very pleased with my self.

Go check her website out - Queen of Trash

Thursday, 6 August 2009


Having been off work all week ill I have been trawling blog land and have stumbled on this blog, amongst many, by Krystle Clayton.

And this picture especially inspired me as not only do I dream of being able to go to work looking like this but I wanted to be able to try out my new BASIC RED MATT PIGMENT FROM MAC.

So of I went into internetland looking for a red eyemakeup tutorial and found this from MissChevious.

Blog here.
Youtube tutorial here.

It all started well, sat by my computer with everything in front of me and Gary in the kitchen making me a cup of tea I started watching the tutorial.
(excuse the hair and clothes - I am poorly)

On the first attempt I was slightly over zealous with the red so found some wipes and started again.

Second attempt, got the red on ok ( but i will add at this point i was very disappointed with the product - it was no where near as red as i would have liked it to have been and as much as i tried to build up coverage it never happened), then it came to putting on the white and it was as this point i discovered i had brought a shimmery white downstairs and no matter how hard i looked i could not find a matt one.

I decided to carry on with what I had as this was only a practice after all and after putting the white on I cheated and skipped the glitter and done my eyebrow as I could not get much wrong there.

Then on to the glitter, considering the draws and draws of makeup I have I did not have any glitter when i checked earlier in the week so i put my trust in the first product that came on up on ebay which happened to be a Stargazer eye and body glitter. The product just would not sit on top of the MAC, (it sat ok on the cheap glittery white) it just seemed to dissolve the makeup and i think it must be because of the gel the glitter is is.

So starting to feel fed up I gave up on the eye makeup

I did however try the lipstick I had brought with the glitter, Stargazer 127, and as I did not want to write of the glitter I tried it on its own on my skin and then ontop of the lipstick (and I will be using it again), but alas the pictures came out soooooooo rubbish and blurry I cant show you which is disappointing.

Maybe you can help:

1. Where can a get a decent matt white (highstreet prices)
2. Who does a good cosmetic glitter and glue for around the eyes
2. Can anyone recommend a decent camera for close up pictures like all the other fab blogs seem to have.

I will review the products I brought from stargazer soon when I have something to compare them too.

Saturday, 1 August 2009

Fantastic Jewellery and the inspiration for my next tattoo

I LOVE JEWELLERY but I am rubbish when it comes to actually wearing it ( if my daughter has not run off with it I still struggle to know what to wear with what) so after falling in love with this designers pieces (etsy shop here) I have not only decided that I will buy a piece (when funds are available) but I am also going to have one of the pieces done as a tattoo - namely the rose and diamond necklace.

The designs really are fantastic and a bargain too so i would highly recommend going to check her out HERE

PS: can you tell i have learnt how to do the linky thing lol