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Monday, 26 October 2009

A little experiment.........

When i had just had my daughter and was probably siffering the most severly i ever have with depression i read somewhere that removing milk from your diet is a natural way to improve your mood. Coupled with that fact and this report by Viva ( I honestly think the report affected me more as i was breast feeding at the time so i thought i could relate (yes, I am talking about relating to a cow - dont laugh too hard)) I cut all milk out of my diet without a second thought and it had never been so easy to do so.

Slowly over time my mood imroved ( meds or no milk???) and milk slowly snuck back into my diet. Not in a big way but i now have milk in my tea,eat real butter and cheese but you would still not catch me with a yoghurt or a glass of milk.

My mood has been slowly getting worse and worse over the last 2 or 3 months and although i have decided to go back onto my medication i dint want this to be permanent so i am trying to make small changes to my habits/diet to help myself.

I have started taking my complex B vitamins every day as well as trying to eat more Bananas. But this week (Mon-Fri) i have decided to remove dairy from my diet again to see if i have any improvement and in an aim to up my vegetable intake i have decided to take it a step further and go Vegan for the week.

As i type this i have my cup of tea with soya milk beside me and fruit in my bag for lunch. I will keep you updated on how i am going this week.

My hope for the future that even if i do not stay vegan some healthy habits will come out of this.

Your thoughts are much appreciated

Friday, 23 October 2009

Todays run

I went for my normal run with my PT today (1.4 mile circle around the block) but today i amazed myself by actually being able to run for 0.7 miles non stop (the blue route) which took about 12 minutes and is a slight improvement on the max 3 minutes i have been able to run without stopping in the past.

UK Mineral Company - Funky Fresh Minerals

Whilst trawling the interweb for yet more mineral makeup, specifically UK brands with samples, I stumbled upon Funky Fresh Skincare on Ebay.

I had planned on just purchasing the Bold Brights sample collection but then I saw they had a metallics set, but sadly no samples. I therefore decided to email them to see if they would list a sample set of the metaillics for me, but they very kindly said they would send some samples for me to try that does mean what i received was free but i was under no obligation to blog about them any opinion i post are my own and unbiased .

This is what i received....

Now you may or may not know but i never ever order foundation samples. I have been using Bare Escentuals for a long time now and i have no need to change that. I have tried a few high street brands but they never compare. So when i found a foundation in my package i wrote it off before i even tried it but after having my husband moan at me once again for having a ton of makeup i never wear i thought i would try it just to get him off my back and to my surprise i LOVE it. The texture is fantastic, its extremely fine (unlike Avon) but the coverage is still fantastic and when i used one (actually 2- I'm getting better at this application malarkey) of their blushes too the finish was flawless. I am now converted so will no longer be repurchasing Bare Escentuals.

Onto the blusher, which entailed another learning curve. I used to avoid bronzers or brown blushers like the plague,I was sooooooo convinced i would end up looking orange. I had however seen some fantastic looks where a brown colour has been used to contour so i thought i would give them all a try and i must admit i am now hooked on 'Spicy' which was the darkest matte brown i had ever tried. Even my husband has noticed something different ( in a good way) when i wear it. The texture and colour payoff are once again fantastic.

The lipgloss i was sent was called very berry and this has the best texture of the mineral lip products i have tried so far. Its more like a stain and the dark colour is perfect for Autumn.

Onto my main focus - the metallic eyeshadows. When i went to try these i was expecting to have to foil them all to get the look i was after, but actually i think Bronze and Gold are prettier dry and no less metallic. Silver is a very pretty colour dry but becomes very intense when foiled. I have even used this product dusted dry on my lips just to give some interest (something i would never thought of doing if i had not seen silver lips using some Illamasqua products). Out of the 4 pewter is my least favourite colour but still does what it says on the tin, its a metallic pewter colour. I think its just a tad too dark for me.

I was also sent the matte collection to try and these again are good quality highly pigmented shadows, my favourite is Buff. It gives my eyes that 'my eyes but 100 times better look' and is the perfect base for a daytime look.

I can't say much more than these are all fantastic products and i will be repurchasing the blusher and foundation and I will be trying the Bold Brights and Soft Satin eyeshadows

You can purchase it here - let me know what you think???

Now i am on a roll...........

More mineral make up reviews - but these are just quickies as i purchased the products after seeing reviews on other blogs namely Fresco Phyrrah and Sparkle is my Crack . These ladies do fantastic reviews, swatches and looks so def. go check them out for a bit more info.
I placed orders with (that means i paid for everything i received) ..........


The She Space (About Face Cosmetics)



The order from Fyrinnae came beautifully and safely packaged, which is very important as i have received packages via airmail on numerous occasions where the contents have been damaged.

The colour range is HUGE, i really really struggled to pick the few i wanted to try. This is definitely the place to go for alternative colours.

The sample sizes are again HUGE and in little pots (without a sifter) which i find easier to use than bags.

I purposely picked colours that were a bit 'strange' ( by that i mean not natural everyday colours) so i have not used them loads, but when i have used them they go on well and can be blended easily.I am by no means an expert at makeup application (in fact a monkey would probably have similar results) but i managed to apply them which can only be a good thing.

I ordered 2 lip glosses ( i wanted more) and whilst the pigmentation is fantastic and very long lasting they weren't quite as smooth as i expected them (they had little lumps in which took a while to get out and they were very noticeable in the darker colours)

I will be placing another order when i see a colour that catches my eye.

Onto my Mixology order. I must admit i had never thought about looking on etsy for makeup but now i am hooked and always check there first for new ranges. These were the quickest by far to be delivered and come in fantastic little Pod's that i love. I went for safer colours with this order (there is soooooooooo much choice).

Armor and Bones are 2 of my favourite colours from the range. You can guess what colour bone is (very natural beige) and Armor is a dark silver/pewter colour that can be applied lightly for a pretty look or foiled for a more dramatic look.

They have a range of sets and kits which are perfect (especially for me as i have no idea what goes together and how to do it) and they are a business with a conscience which i think is very important.

'we still intend to share 5% of our sales with Blood:Water Mission, I believe their work is so instrumental in the healing of Africa and I want us to be a part of it, but along with that Mixology’s sales will also go to support me in China while volunteering! So no matter what you are supporting charitable work on at least 2 continents.'

You can go to there etsy profile page to find out in more detail about the charitable work they do.

And lastly my order of About Face Cosmetics. I was very reserved when purchasing from here as i had already placed 2 mineral makeup orders and when purchasing from outside the UK postage can get quite expensive.

I will be honest here and say that i have not actually had a chance to try what i did get yet as i have had a bad break out of eczema on my eyes so i am not using any eye products at the moment. But i though i would still mention them as i am so impressed with the collections available and the work that must go into it. Since i have been checking them out there have been numerous new collections and limited editions being added.

I am in love with this Balenciaga inspired collection and once i have tried what i have got i will definitely be purchasing this.

The Custom pigment bar is a stroke of genius too.

I also love the reds in the Aries collection - How would i be able to turn these into lip colours???

Friday, 16 October 2009

My Applephoto Pictures

all pictures (c) Applephoto

News !!!!

Apologies for the lack of posting - we are just back for 5 days at Butlins and as i refused to pay £20 for wifi i was internetless....

The day before holiday i went to superdrug and decided to let go of the bad experiences i have had with Barry M in the past and opted for not 1 but 6 items, 1 lipstick,1 blush,2 nailvarnishes and 2 kohl's that were freebies. I also got 2 of the new glitters from Collection 2000 and a sample of the new GOSH primer.Full reviews to come later.

I took the first step in my radical makeover and i had my hair cut, yes you did read that right, i finally got my hair cut.

What do you think????
Now i just have to get myself some straigtners so i can style it and save up to have something fantastic done to the colour.

I have also been thinking about swapping to Aussie hair products to try and tame the frizz - I know lots of you ladies have had a chance to try it, what do you think? Do they do samples/small sizes?

In the post when we returned a few hours ago was the last of the mineral samples i recently ordered. I have been playing with them as they were received but have been waiting for them all so i can compare and contrast before reviewing them on here.

My orders were from:

and Funky Fresh who are a uk based business i found on ebay but they are now setting up a website.
I am really funny about mineral foundation, I love to play around with eye colours and blush etc but in the past i have never strayed from my Bare Escenntuals foundation untill now and i will be continuing to used the foundation from Funky Fresh as i love it.

I also think i am going to have to go shopping for some new accessories to help me update my wardrobe. Any suggestions on where to be looking or what to be looking for????

I have hundreds of posts planned for here (including the recent pictures which i rec'd while i was away) and my diet blog but time is limited as my daughter nears the terrible two's so i promise i will be neglecting the ironing to post at every chance i can get


Friday, 9 October 2009

I Phone/Pod Apps

These are my diet/exercise apps - I paid for some but the majority were free. I will get round to reviewing them but in the mean time if you have any questions ask away.....

Ps: what do you listen to whilst your exercising as i am trying to compile a running playlist

A step in the right direction...

It was weigh day today and to my surprise i have actually managed to loose something (not a lot but every little counts)
and i managed to run (on the rebounder) for 20 minutes constantly

I'm headed in the right direction, now i just need to put my foot on the accelerator

Changing Tessa

I am frumpy and I have made soo many excuses why I am allowed to be frumpy

  • £££
  • weight
  • Situation (Husband and baby by 21)
  • Job

But i want that to chage and i could do with your help !! There are super fashionable larger people and people with families and office jobs so i cant use them as excuses to look like a bum most of the time

I know i am not going to change into a fashionista overnight so i have broken it down into a few different steps, some of which will take time and some of which i will need your advice on.

  • I need a haircut - my hair has not been touched for over a year and i cant remeber the last time i actually styled it myself
  • I do need to tone up/loose weight - join me on my diet blog to see how thats going
  • I need to actually have a decent capsule wardrobe
  • I need to learn to accessories and then buy some accessoires then will show off my personal style on a budget
  • Find my own personal style
  • I need to learn to put on the draws of makeup i actually own
  • I need to learn to walk in heels
  • I need to learn to feel confident in the way i look when i have done all of the above

This is me and the way i dress/do my hair (or dont do it) and do my makeup (or again, dont do it) now (well its a year ago but i chose the pic as i am sitting here typing this in the same top and its a truly awful picture so any afters will be a huge improvement)

Hopefully the next picture will be an improvement and then in a years type i wont even be recognisable

MAC Face Charts

Check out their FB page for free halloween look face charts.


Sunday, 4 October 2009

Never again

Will I decide a fitness DVD is rubbish/too easy/hard/pointless before I have tried it..

I tried my rebounding DVD today and could not even finish the beginner section (which if I am honest is quite embarassing - I knew I was unfit but that's a bit extreme)

So my aim is now to build up to being able to finish that section and to get all my written off DVDs out of the cuboard to try again as they prabably are as good as I thought they would be when I brought them

Thursday, 1 October 2009

Guaranteed to make you feel better

A parcel of makeup turning up with the post.

Will post back when i have had a chance to try all my goodies from Mixology that i pruchased from etsy.

First Opinions !!!

I got a rebounder for my birthday after dropping hints for months. I had planned to use it just for running on but after a bit of reserach found this dvd from the 'Juice Master' and thought i would treat myself.

I have had a migrane for days - anyone know of a natural way to get rid of them??? - so i wimped out and watched it for the first time in bed (as far away from the actual rebounder as i could get).

My very honest first opinion:

- If i suddenly had as much energy as him then people would think i was on drugs
- 40 mins a day of rebounding (even if split into 2 slots) may get a bit boring
- I need to get a good sports bra.

Seriosuly though, I am not sure this was the best DVD to get for me as i wanted to use the rebounder as a serious way to improve my fitness, but i will be giving it a go as if the reviews for his books etc. are anything to go by then the man is onto a winner.

I will post back with my thoughts once I have actually had a go.