Saturday, 30 January 2010

Jewellery and Tattoo's

I spent my Christmas holidays looking for an Initial pendant and as much as I looked I couldn’t find something that was just right.

So upon deciding I wouldn’t find one, rather than giving up I decided to message my favourite jewellery designer (ever !!) and see what she could come up for me.

I absolutely LOVE what she made me, and I hope you will too.

I highly recommend taking a trip to her etsy store.

And whilst we are on the subject of Wicked Minky – Look at my new tattoo (excuse the peeling - Its only a week old)

I love it more than I can describe – I’m sooo happy with how it looks which is equally down to the fabulous design (Wicked Minky) and the tattooist (Ondine of Living Colour – who is also doing my next piece in Feb)

What do you think???

Friday, 29 January 2010

Food Diary Review - Diet Minder

I apologise in advance for the poor formatting - I have obviously upset blogger tonight but once its in a better mood with me I will format the post

I was recently sent the ‘Diet Minder’ and ‘Body Minder’ from Memory Minder Journals to try and review Both are in available in the UK from

I decided that as I am still trying to get my eating sorted and doing Weight Watcher requires me to track that I would start with the Diet Minder (and then move on the Body Minder, once good eating becomes habit)

I am very hard to please when it comes to food diaries (if it didn’t require ££ and some level of design skill I would have had my own version printed years ago) so this review might seem slightly picky(But, as I am including pictures of the inside, you can always skip my waffle and decide for yourself based upon the pictures)

Now onto the review:

Diary appearance (if a diary can have an appearance):

It’s A5 in size, meaning small enough to fit in your handbag yet big enough to actually record everything you want.

It has a sturdy cover and its spiral bound so it lays flat which makes for easy recording.

There is a plastic wallet at the back, which I have found really useful for storing my points calculator and motivational pictures.
It’s for 3 months which makes it extremely good value.

My one bug bear before I actually get to the pages themselves is that there is no page marker (tiny thing I know but having seen it on other diaries I don’t think it’s a major thing to expect)

Personal Goals Section:

There is not just one personal goals page, but 3 which are fantastic as I think everyone should continue to set goals once they have met there first.
The space to stick in your before and after pictures is actually large enough for a normal size picture (this may seem trivial but I will just remind you of the impractical passport picture size space in the last diary I tried)
The variety of statistics it gives you to enter is fantastic and the inclusion of blood pressure and cholesterol bring it back home that for some loosing weight is as much about getting healthy as looking good
There are also 4 graphs at the back of the book (2 per A5 page) and once again these are actually big enough to use, and as they are not numbered or labelled that can be used in any way you wish to track your own goals.
As you can tell I cannot find a single thing wrong with this section – which surprised me

The food diary itself:

This is the page……….

I like:
There is more than enough space to write down everything you need
There is the space to record the time of your meal/snack
It recognises your going to snack more than once
Water tracker
Not all the colours and grand total boxes are headed which makes it adaptable - I always use one for points
Space to record activity – which though small does give room to jot down a lot of info

I don’t like:
There is a space to record your weight on every page – I don’t use it as I think once a week is enough to provide an accurate picture
There is no mood or energy chart on the page (though I suppose this could be one of your graphs)
There is no separate section for beverages – by the end of the day I have a cup of tea taking up at least one line in each section
There is no place to write a specific goal for that day i.e. don’t use the elevator (this would be on top of the plan set out in the personal goals section)

In summary, a practical and affordable food diary. There is enough room to record your entire food intake for the day and it’s adaptable for all types of diet programme. By far my favourite food diary so far.

As I have yet to use the Body Minder, I can’t comment but I will leave you with this picture which should help you decide if it fits your needs

Challenge #1 - Race for Life

I have decided that I need events to work towards this year to motivate me to diet and exercise, and what better way than taking part in a run to raise money for a charity close to my heart.

So for my first challenge this year - I have just signed up to take part in the Race For Life 5K on the May 1st and I plan on running the whole way!!!(My trainer has very very kindly agreed to run it with me, so this should be possible.)

In the side bar, there is a widget to my donations page if you would like to visit it - I will appreciate any donations, now matter how big or small.

Is anyone else running it this year – I would love to know how everyone’s training gets on.

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

I got my shiny 7

I lost 2.5 lbs this week to make my total loss up tp 7.5 lbs

Saturday, 23 January 2010

Fyrinnae Lip Lustres – I have changed my mind

The first purchase I made from Fyrinnae included 2 Lip Lustres (from a gigantic range of colours) and I commented at the time that these were very grainy.

I have subsequently seen a blog post from Fyrinnae themselves stating they should not be like this and to contact them if they were.As instructed I did contact them and had a response extremely quickly ensuring me the Lip Lustres should in fact be extremely smooth and buttery in consistency and that they were happy to replace the grainy Lip Lustres for me.

I have yet to receive the replacements, but at the time being more confident that any more I purchased would not be grainy, and that the customer service would be fantastic if they were, I decided to purchase another 3.

I can say hand on my heart, after having worn lace gloves every day to work this week, that these are a smooth as a babies bum and they do exactly what they say on the tin (you can read the ‘tin’ here)

Lace Gloves

And with all the Lip Lustres available in a 3.5ml (mini size) for only $2.50, I will definitely be adding to my collection (until I have them all)

Which colour is your favourite??

Friday, 22 January 2010

My Postman Has Been Busy

These have all been received this week .................

It may be a while before I review them all but it will get done.

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

A skincare review - Skin MD Natural Shielding Lotion

This is my first attempt at a skincare review for my blog – and it’s not something I will repeat on a very regular basis as I think skincare is an extremely personal thing, and can differ greatly depending on skin type/season/budget/moral preferences.

I was however eager to try this product (being Skin MD Natural Shielding Lotion) when I was contacted (I was sent this for free) as the claims on the website about the improvement in the skin of eczema sufferers seemed somewhat too good to be true (and me being me I actually wanted to disprove them).

please excuse my wonky scanning

The science behind the product (and there is a LOT of it – on the website and in the leaflets) seems to make sense but what I was most impressed by was the number of positive reviews the product seemed to be getting.

Whilst I am not silly enough to think anyone would post negative reviews on their own website, the huge range of users and uses made me believe this had to be a good product.

I will only share one as I think a lot of us are in a similar situation


London, UK

"I have a crazy job which makes me run a lot, fly around the world and keeps me busy, busy, busy.... So, imagine how much time I have to take care of my skin. And it use to cost me a lot, this red & grey, unhealthy looking face. Being a relationship manager I face customers daily. And I don't really want them to know that I had a sleepless night, a long flight and a dozen chocolates when they get to see me for a very first time.

Expensive solutions I tried were nowhere near to Skin MD Natural + SPF15. You know, I simply apply it on my face before I go to sleep, then each morning, and whenever I fly. My skin looks beautiful. No allergy, no itching, no disappointment. There is no second chance to make a first impression. This is why I've chosen SMDN that never lets me down."

I have eczema on my eyes and though its not severe to the stage of causing me constant pain and irritation, the fact that I have dry skin that means my eye shadow never applies smoothly is irritation enough (so my real motive for trying this was vanity).

I have now been applying the cream as instructed for 7 days and I have seen a vast improvement on my eyes, I have worn eye shadow this week! I have also noticed a real improvement in the texture of the skin on my hands, and this is just from minimal use, as I would just rub into my hands what I did not use on my eyes.

The website is also full of reviews from people who use the lotion as face moisturiser and makeup base. I was slightly worried about trying it as these as I have searched for years for the right moisturiser and whilst I don’t suffer from acne I am not lucky enough to have blemish free skin, but I am once again impressed. So impressed, that I no longer wear a primer when I put foundation on, even for mineral foundation if I have used this beforehand.

Actually onto the lotion itself, It seemed a strange consistency to start with, I had expected it to be much richer for the claims (Its very similar in consistency to the Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturising Gel).On feeling it I thought that It would take an age to soak in, especially on my hands, but it dries ever so quickly and the effect as I have mentioned above is that of a primer. In sciencey (ish) terms this is the barrier keeping the irritants out and the moisture in.

The website is much much better at explaining the sciency bits than me (it has diagrams and everything)

In summary, a very impressive all round product that I will be repurchasing. As well as my own experience I am currently using it with great results on my daughter too and my dad has even asked me to buy him a pot for his eczema (on his eyes too – I blame his genes) after he used up all the sample sachets I was provided.

The UK website for reviews, science and stockists is here

My Favouritest Model,Editorial and Advertising Campaign

EDITORIAL: Curiouser And Curiouser
MAGAZINE: Vogue UK (Feb 2007)
MODEL: Coco Rocha

Designer: PHI
Models: Coco Rocha, Karen Elson
Collection:  Fall Winter 2008 2009

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

I'm on my way to being well and truly shredded

I don’t know whether to love her or hate her but I can say that Jillian Michaels is an amazing trainer.

Yesterday evening I finally opened my 30 day shred DVD, one of the many purchased in my post Christmas (feeling guilty for eating too much) splurges and I am quite embarrassed to admit I was scared – I know i need pushing but Jillian’s reputation for being tough and working you hard precedes her.

However, I am impressed and not just with myself for doing it, but with the DVD and with her attitude/methods or whatever it is that makes her her.

Doing the DVD I felt like she was talking to me, she said the right things in the right places and though I didn’t make it easy to get through 20 minutes (yes, not a long time but you work non stop which is not easy) it made me at least want to try to.

I can’t vouch for the results, obviously as I have only done workout 1 twice so far but I can vouch for the workout. You are pushed (Hard!!!!) but it’s worth it. You feel like you have worked out and if your like me, just knowing you have done some exercise is a bonus so working out at this level is like getting an extra gold star. The 3-2-1 system means your working as many muscles as possible in minimal time, any longer than 20 minutes and I would have fainted. And having 2 different options for some of the exercises was a bonus. You also have to use hand weights for some of the exercises, and as your not told which weight you should be using I am going to increase and decrease the weights (never below 1.5kg) as a way to up the anti when I feel ready

I will be trying to find time to do it at least 4 times a week (1 night is weight watchers, I have a trainer on a Friday and surely I am allowed one day off!!!) and will share my experience of the full programme later. In the mean time I am off to buy one of her books (the metabolism one) and try and find some more reviews of her WII game as all the ones I have read so far have been quite negative, and as much as I like buying exercise DVD’s/games and want to try this one I really have to be able to justify myself that its worth the £££.

Sunday, 17 January 2010

How I compare with Miss America 1921-1957 (well an average of them all)

I saw this table on one of my favourite blogs to read and I thought it would be interesting to add my current measurements . I can then update them as I am re-measured so I can gauge my size not by clothes but by which Miss America I am.

Current Stats:

Height  5'2
Bust 42
Waist 43
Hips  45
Weight 186

First goal is Miss America 1948 BeBe Shopp

Friday, 15 January 2010

Holly Fulton - If this is fashion then I think I get it.

Whilst flicking through Elle Runway Edit for Spring Summer 2010 I stumbled upon this page showing casing the work of Holly Fulton.

I don’t know much about fashion (i'm learning) but I do love art and I can appreciate that all of her designs are all STUNNING and I think it’s fantastic that the inspiration for her pieces does not get lost in translation. Especially as some of her loves are so close to my own.

“The ethos of my work is to capture a couture finish and an attention to detail within ready to wear. I aim to re-interpret the traditions of handwork and the use of techniques within couture into contemporary materials and silhouettes to create strong, cohesive collections of womenswear and jewellery. The use of decorative surfaces is vital within my work and I am constantly endeavouring to create a challenging yet beautiful surface which pushes the boundaries of modern fashion.

I hope that my love of surface sets my designs apart. My shapes lend themselves to decoration and every stage of the process from the initial conception to the technical lay plans informs my designs. Always attracted to strong pieces in terms of design, I have a huge love of art deco and Bauhaus styles, cubist fashion and the geometry within all these genres and the re-interpretation of these into contemporary materials gives me huge inspiration. Surface decoration allows me scope to move forward in fashion. Through this I would hope my aesthetic differs from that of other designers.

My current signature style contains lots of geometric pattern lavished onto simply cut garments; big, luxurious, simple shapes with bold jewellery; bejewelled crystallised dresses and an eclectic mix of modern materials with a high end finish.”

I can definitely she won Swarovski Emerging Talent Award for Accessories at the 2009 British Fashion Awards

There is not a single piece of hers I don’t like, but I do think this is my favourite and it’s from the current collection.

I will be making sure I keep up to date with all of her forthcoming collections (that’s the first time I have ever said that or been inclined to actually do it)

Her website is here and she also has a small collection exclusive to ASOS for sale here and if I could afford it at the moment I would already own a dress and necklace

Saturday, 9 January 2010

No 7 Eye Mousse

I just had to mention this product quickly as i am loving it.
I avoided any thing but powder eyeshadows like the plague but my recent experience with a Paul & Joe cream shadow changed this.

On the hunt for a more affordable version I treated myself to 'Pewter' Stay Perfect Mousse by No7 and I think its brilliant.

Not only is it a gorgeous colour but its so easy to use/versatile and long lasting. I have been using it as a base all over my lids before using a mineral eyesahdow in the crease and the outcome makes it look like i know what i have been doing.

I always seem to have avoided No7 in the past ( dont know why but it never seemed trendy enough) but i shall be taking advantage of the current  3 for 2 to by some more products, especially Fudge and Vanilla eye mousse's

Any No7 products you recommend???

Sassy Minerals (eye products) Review

 had decided to wait until I had had time to swatch the colours before I wrote the review of my Sassy Minerals order. I don’t know why I bothered as the pictures of the swatches were awful (as usual – I am going to bribe my husband into getting a new camera) so here is a brief review (with none of my pictures but I do think the pictures on the website are quite accurate so this is not such an issue)

The colour range is certainly growing but at the moment it contains what I would call mainly ‘everyday’ colours. These are all beautiful colours though, and seeing as my new year’s resolution was to wear some makeup every day they have been being worn on a regular basis.

Though I picked the colours I ordered based on what I liked rather than complimentary colours, all of them do seem to work well together. So someone who is much better than myself at blending and colour matching could come up with some fantastic looks.

There are 4 different colour ranges and each one contains a wide variety of colours.

 Silk Luster

DeJa Vu



You can tell a difference in the finish of the colours from each different range – which means even if a colour is similar if they are from different ranges you, will see a difference.

 The colours are buildable, they blend easily and they are long lasting. After swatching I had to literally scrub the liner off my hand (though I had used UDPP too).

The website is extremely easy to navigate and shows the last viewed colours which is really helpful if like me you decide you want the colour you looked at 5 minutes ago but you can’t remember the name.

Shipping is extremely quick (On par to the day with Aromaleigh) which is extremely good as I thought the shipping overall was quite inexpensive (though it does vary with order size for international orders)

The sample sizes are very generous for only $.075 and come in a jar with no sifter. These come cellophane wrapped (which isn’t a big thing) but to me shows that care is taken in the packaging which is extremely important to me when ordering internationally.

Which are your favourite  Sassy Minerals colours?
Are there any must have combinations?
Any lip or cheek products i should be trying?

In summary, quick shipping on cheap samples of a wide range of everyday eyeshadows.
I will be going back to buy some more.

Wednesday, 6 January 2010





1st Weigh In with Weight Watcher

I joined weight watchers tonight as i needed the motivation of having to pay to be told i am fat to do anything about it (i think).

I will keep you updated as i go - I have produced a really funky graph for this but at the moment with only 1 figure on it theres not much to share.

I am now off to see how vegan friendly ( my aim is to be completely vegan by the end of the year) the plan is - I will share my findings.

Saturday, 2 January 2010

Look what the postman brought me

The same as he does every January

Fitness DVD's and Books (all from

and there are still more to turn up

Full reviews to come

Friday, 1 January 2010

Pink is not normally my colour

But I am loving these 3 colours from

Rapunzel had extensions has to be the favourite colour I own at the moment. It’s so pretty and feminine, yet still versatile. The gold/peach mix means on its own it’s a beautiful day time natural colour. Yet the base colours mean it can be mixed with a lot of other colours for a completely different look. The swatch doesnt really do the colour justice as the peachy base can hardly been seen. I have always found the swatches on the website to be very accurate though. I wore all 3 pinks together today in a Barbie/bubblegum/candyfloss sort of inspired look and I have also mixed it with a 'dirty' gold for a more glamorous look.

These colours would also make fab lip colours (if you knew how to do that unlike me)

Do you own any of these 3 colours??
Can you recommend any more versatile colours from Fyrinnae??

Fivein5 - alternative to plastic surgery???

This application for the Iphone/Ipod has intrigued me for a while as for something that only costs £2.99 and 5 minutes of your time a day the promises are huge.

Are you tired of spending big dollars on the newest miracle beauty cream only to be disappointed with the results? Well those days are over. Now with the newest app for the iphone, you can take beauty into your own hands.After researching the five most effective facial exercises,they’ve been combined in a workout that you can do anywhere in 5 minutes. This all natural, do-it-yourself beauty treatment is available now on the iphone. Why facial exercise? Because it works! Skin care and makeup can only do so much. Five In 5 gives you the five most effective facial exercises that you can do in five minutes to take five years off your face. Use the videos to learn the exercises and simply follow along. The muscles of the face are attached directly to the skin that covers them. When you firm your facial muscles the skin attached to them firms up too. Quickly! You can’t beat the convenience of the iphone app. It’s with you wherever you go whether you do the workout once a day for five minutes or decide to speed up the results by doing the workout twice a day.
Thinking about plastic surgery? You may find you don’t need it when you see the results from your Five in 5 workouts. Just like your other muscles, resistance plus repetition tones and firms them. Because the facial muscles are so small they tone faster than the larger muscles of your body. Five in 5 gets results for the forehead, upper face, eyes, midface, mouth, lower face, chin and neck. Tauter, fitter,younger. A more beautiful you.

I have finally given in the hope that it would be reduced in price (£2.99 compared to plastic surgery is cheap but I do struggle to part with money for apps at the best of times) and have purchased it today.

I shall be using this on a daily basis (unless i dont see results and get bored ),and at the risk of loosing followers i will also post before and after pictures so that you see the difference if there is any for yourself.

This is my before (excuse my skin - I am makeup less and suffering with a stinky cold)

Has anyone else got this or any miracle facial exercise they would like to share??

New year, New Food Diary (Review)

I know from past experiences that my weight loss attempts are much more successful when I use a food diary and this fact is backed up by many statistics so I presume it’s a similar case for everyone.

You may know from previous posts that I have yet to find a food and exercise diary I am completely happy with. Each one I have tried has elements I think are invaluable and yet I have still not found one that has all of these invaluable elements in the same place.

I had decided to save my money and not buy one this year until I saw this ‘Diet and Fitness Journal’ on Amazon

With no details and no reviews the only thing that caught my attention was the screen shots of the pages inside – the first time I had seen this and on a very very quick scan I decided this seemed to have a lot of what I needed so at only £6.30 I decided to get one.

I am like a kid at Christmas when it comes to new diet things so I decided to put this away and never even took it out of the box, until 12:30 last night when I needed to record my bed time (low calorie)hot-chocolate.

As I have not even been using this a day these opinions may change and I will of course add updated reviews when they do.

My first thoughts:
• It’s the perfect size to fit in my handbag and looks very nice with the plain black cover.
• It has an elastic band to hold your place so you don’t have to re-find your place every time you go to enter.
• It has a progress chart
Said progress chart is tiny
• There is a weekly progress page to record stats and thoughts and total calorie deficit for the week
There if nowhere that says to measure yourself on the first day so when you come to the first progress page you have no stats to compare to
• It has a nutritional info pages for popular foods
Said popular foods are American (what are collards??)
• Has space to add your own foods and notes
• The first information pages do contain some good tips if new to dieting and using a food log
• There is lots of prompting for what info to record on the food page-Calories/Fat/Sodium/Carb/Fibre/Protein
This is meant to be adaptable for different programmes but the ‘other column that I would use to record my point value for weight watcher is tiny
Infact the whole area for recording is tiny
• It has a mood chart
• Has an energy level chart
• Has a space to work out Net Calorie deficit
• There is an 8 box water tick chart
• There is a 9 box fruit and veg tick chart
• There is a place to record daily goals
But only for calorie intake goals
No place to put total points available/used/carried forward.

My mind just boggles at the fitness page – there is far too much info to record, half of which I would never know and could not interpret if I did.There is a screen shot of this page on Amazon(link above)so I will leave you to make your own mind up about that page.

As you can see I think there are pro’s and con’s, but I will continue to use it and see if it becomes easier in time.

Do any of you have a food diary your swear by??
Is anyone interested in helping me design the perfect food diary??