Saturday, 27 February 2010

New Hair - Kinki Review (ish)

I went to a new hairdresser today.

Kinki Boutique - Hair Salon Norwich
5 Castle Street NORWICH, Norfolk NR1 1PE, United Kingdom
01603 633 700

 Normally how my hair looks is not such a big deal but after leaving the hairdressers last time in tears because it was so horrid (childish I know but I did sit there for 5 hours and pay £80 to look like a scarecrow) I decided this time having my hair done would be a properly planned operation.

I don’t know why but I had in my head that a city hairdresser would be better than a town one so I decided it was between Toni & Guy and Kinki Boutique both in Norwich.

I knew what I wanted, although I stupidly at the time I had not thought about how unrealistic it would be. So I went to Toni & Guy for a quote with my picture in hand and was told it would take about 4 hours, IF it worked, and would set me back £150.

Then on to Kinki I was told that the colour was unrealistic and my hair would fall out before I ever got that colour but if I had an appointment I could chat with the colourist before hand to get a better idea of what would work.

It was this honesty and the offer of 20% off your first visit that led to me choosing Kinki.

After hearing negative feedback after having booked my appointment I turned up today with no idea what to expect as the website made it sound like this would be the best experience of my life.

20 minutes after my appointment should have been, without the offer of a drink or being told my colourist was running behind I was starting to think I should have listened to the feedback.

I must admit 45 minutes in I was still feeling the same. I worked in a salon for 5 years so although i'm not a hairdresser I have a little idea about colour/styles etc. and more importantly customer service.

I was told I don’t know how many times during my consultant with the colourist the hair in the picture I brought In was not real – I KNOW THIS. Though I knew the colour from the picture was not achievable the placement of the streaks was.

This had got my hackles up and I still hadn’t completely relaxed , so when I was offered the option of having the massage chair turned on whilst having my hair washed I jumped at the chance.

Thinking things were improving I was surprised that not once I was asked how the temperature of the water was, or was I even spoken to. Though the silence was relaxing it was slightly unnerving.

After this I went to meet my stylist for the cut having not seen the colour.

I can’t stress enough that having my hair cut by Dominique was a fantastic experience and I have never been happier with a cut. She was thorough, friendly and professional and I will be going back to her again (this is a big thing as I have not been to the same hairdresser after one cut in years)

When she was drying my hair my jaw literally dropped at the colour too. Its stunning and so much more than I expected so in the colourist’s defence she knew what she was doing so she is well and truly forgiven for the earlier annoyance.

I also think for the service it was also very reasonably priced.

I will be going back.

In Summary: They say/ I Say

Im improving slowly

I ran further than last week, and I did it quicker.
 Maybe 5K is not so unrealistic now.

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Dirty White

This is my entry for the Illamsqua nail competition HERE

I think a ‘Matte dirty white’ colour such as the colour of the refelction of the swan/elephants in my favourite Dali picture would be a staple all year round colour. It can be stark and severe ( ELEPHANT) yet it can also appear to be a warmer more natural colour (SWAN).

And whilst on the subject of ‘Dirty White’ this picture popped into my mind and I thought I would share it because not only does it featrure one of my favouritest burlesque dancers ever Dirty Martini, but the curve of the stairs where the light is starting to hit it is just the colour I am talking about.

and this one is just because she is STUNNING !!!

I’m no fashionista...........

But even I would have struggled to be oblivious to the fact that we have been in the midst of London Fashion week mania and I could let the occasion pass without saying congratulations to 2 of my favourite designers (who I have previously blogged about)  who are both, very deservedly, named in the receivers of NEWGEN support

In 1993 the British Fashion Council created New Generation (NEWGEN), the world’s first scheme to support emerging designer talent. NEWGEN continues to showcase and promote new designer businesses today. NEWGEN is sponsored by Topshop and have been supporters since 2001. Catwalk designers receive £5000 - £10,000 towards their show costs, sponsored Exhibition space, usage of the BFC Catwalk Show Space and mentoring.

Recognising the need for ongoing support, this scheme can be awarded to designers for up to four seasons. Designers receive access to sales and marketing support and business advice in partnership with BFC supporters Shoosmiths, Baker Tilley and Lloyds TSB.

Since NEWGEN's inception, its roll call includes Alexander McQueen, Boudicca, Matthew Williamson, Julien Macdonald, Lara Bohinc and Ann-Louise Roswald.

Internationally recognised as a prestigious launch pad, this scheme is a showcase of the best up-and-coming British fashion talent. It also acts as an important introduction for young UK-based designers to influential press and buyers from around the world.

The scheme has become a key draw for the international fashion media and buyers attending London Fashion Week. NEWGEN designers are among the must-see collections on schedule every season.

Catwalk:Mary Katrantzou

Presentation: Holly Fulton

Mark Fast also was named in the catwalk category and he is someone I will be keeping my eye on, not only because his designs are beautiful but anyone who recognises the need to show clothes on ‘real’ size models gets extra brownie points in my book.

I have no idea how to make my meaning clear without using the term ‘real size’. I am by no means sizest, I am just a size 16 and it’s nice to have a realistic idea of how something would look on me (if I could ever dream of owning a piece)

 all images sourced here

Sunday, 21 February 2010

The Next Addition

Is also already in planning.

This has once again been designed by the fantastic Corissa of Wicked Minky and I will be having 3 of Dolls tattoo'd over my foot and up my leg getting larger in size, like real Russian Dolls.

I will be having them done at the Norwich Body Art Festival so if anyone else is going i shall see you there

The newest addition to my family............

She was designed by the fab Liz Sterry.

I recommend everyone goes and cheks out her redbubble shop as she has some amazing t-shirt designs.

My fav's are............


Friday, 19 February 2010

Neal & Wolf Haircare Review

I was recently given the chance to try some products from the new salon hair care range by Neal & Wolf.

I was given a choice of products I would like to try and I of course went for a shampoo and conditioner and the styling product I went for was Form (a sculpting lotion), though I was torn between that and Glow (Super Shine Spray).

After having tried all the products a few times, I have a lot of good points and no bad points BUT I do have a few niggles which may be personal to me.

I will start with the niggles because I know if I were to read a review where the first 3 paragraphs were all positive I would stop there and not read it all which could be misleading.

Niggle 1 # There are no instructions on the packaging.

By instructions I mean “use a walnut size blob (technical term !!!!) on towel dry hair before styling). I think most people don’t need instructions for shampoo and conditioner but I don’t know whether I am using Form the correct way to get the best benefits (and whilst in the bathroom I couldn’t easily pop to the computer to check what the website says)

When I put this to Neal& Wolf I got this response, which I must say Is good enough for me.

Niggle 2# They are only available in salons.
“Due to the product being sold only through salons the stylist should advise all ways to apply the product. In addition whenever a product is purchased the client will also receive a prescription leaflet with the full directions on. This said, I am very pleased you have brought this to our attention as this is something we will look at putting on the products”
This is personal to me as I don’t have easy access to the type of salon where I can see this being stocked. I would be surprised if the salon at the end of my road had ever heard of the brand !!!

Maybe an online shop would be a good idea – what do you think??

UPDATE: I have just been informed they will be available to buy from the website soon

Niggle 3 # Prices !!

As per salonpromotions “The price is aimed at the middle market so will be accessible to all – Affordable Luxury”

In my opinion £1-£5 is affordable and £5-£10 is a treat for shampoo, I would go higher for styling products.

These are only slightly out of what I would say my normal budget is (and having tried the products, I think they are worth it, especially the shampoo) so I probably would get them if I was prepared to have my husband moan.

These are the prices provided to me:

RITUAL Daily Cleansing Shampoo 250ml £10.95

RITUAL Daily Conditioner 200ml £11.95

FORM Sculpting Lotion 200ml £11.95

GLOW Super Shine Spray 100ml £11.95
Now onto the good bits:

My favourite product out of everything I tried is the shampoo. It has soooooo many good points which to me are;

• The fragrance is DIVINE. Whilst no one will tell me what it is I have been told this….

“The fragrance is something that has been worked on by a leading fragrance house in accordance with extensive consumer research; in essence it is an entirely new fragrance in its own right!”

That’s one fine example of a brand listening to its customers.

• It lathers up well. This is probably the inner child in me but I love loads of bubble, which is not normally easy for me without using twice as much product as I should because my hair is sooooo thick.

• It left my hair feeling the cleanest it has ever felt and this is the main reason I would repurchase.

I am not really a conditioner connoisseur, my hair has always been thick, dull and frizz prone and all amounts of conditioner I have tried have never done anything about this but I can say after using the Neal and Wolf conditioner it was noticeably less frizzy and easy to brush.

Now on to Form.

The website says….

“FORM has been designed to help shape and hold the look you want with added benefit of head-turning texture and stunning shine. Offering light to medium hold, FORM allows you to style while caring for your hair. It also retains moisture and prevents sun damage with UV protection”
I say that it did hold my style well, it did provide the texture I wanted and this was important to me and the texture element is why I chose this over Glow but it didn’t provide quite the level of shine I had expected. This may be because my hair is naturally quite dull but I would be interested to try Glow to see how the shine compares using that.

Even if you cant get to a salon to try the product I do advise a trip to the website – HERE, just for a look as it is soooooooo pretty.

I am very much an advertising led shopper and the website certainly did the job of piquing my interest.

All in all a brand I will be using again and again.


Sunday, 14 February 2010

I want white hair

Not completely white though, I want white/grey higlights around the front of my face in place of the horrid orangey ones I have now.

My inspiration....


Daphne Guinness

Chanel Spring/Summer 2010 Couture Paris

Thursday, 11 February 2010

Kenneth Jay Lane Animal Inspired Jewellery

As I am dieting I am trying hard not to buy clothes. Whilst I am being vaguely successful on this front my jewellery and accessory purchases are getting excessive.

Due to limited funds I have now decided I am only going to buy choice pieces after thorough research.

As I always look to Elle for my inspiration I was very lucky/excited that this months issue contained a S/S10 accessories supplement.

On flicking through this I saw a number of pieces by Kenneth Jay Lane that are beautiful but slightly out of my budget (though my sister is law has just been purchased a piece for her birthday)

Sooo, as I am now slightly addicted to Polyvore and browsing ASOS I have decided to use these to sites to find some cheaper alternatives and as found what I was looking for on ASOS I didn’t bother looking any further. This is what I found........

The pieces in Elle

My picks of Kenneth Jay Lane Pieces (ASOS also stock his pieces)


My pick of affordable ASOS pieces


I am soooooo in love with the elephant bangle – It’s cheap, cute and extremely similar to the Kenneth Jay Lane piece.

What are your S/S10 high street jewellery picks??

ps If anyone wants links leave a comment and I will find them for you !!

In a break from the schedule post

I am having to post that when I weighed in at WW last night I actually showed a gain of 0.5lbs.

6 months ago I would have been ready to blame it all on the time of the month,stress at work, my metabolism (basically everything out of my control) but now I know it was down to my poor eating choices.

I didn’t track this week so I don’t know exactly how many points over I was – but the fact I chose not to track is a sign I kinda just gave up for the week (as is the fish and chips I had for dinner one night)

Im going through a bit of a rough time at the moment so I’m struggling to be as motivated as I was at the start of the year but I plan on tracking this week (regardless of the choices I make so I am at least accountable) and trying to up my exercise more (which I know will help with the stress).

Wish me luch

Saturday, 6 February 2010

This weeks makeup purchases

The She Space


I have not shopped in Topshop for years, I have always felt it's not for the frumpy or wide waisted.

However, as much as I think its more me changing than the Topshop brand, I am very very excited about upcoming  mini collection from Mary Katrantzou set to be released during London Fashion Week.

I loved every single piece from her A/W 09 collection (I am learning albeit slowly) - Nothing to me is more perfect than dresses in bright colours,geometric prints, and HUGE jewellery (even if it is part of the print)

The topshop collection comprises of three printed t-shirt style dresses and a body suit - these 2 piece are my favourite and are further incentive to try and loose a bit of weight.

Do you have a favourite designer with a high street collection???

Every Little Helps...

0.5lbs lost this week making 8 in total.

I am now 0.5 from my first goal of 5%

There is not a single thing I dont like (Allsaints & Charlotte Cory)

which is extremely bad for the bank balance on the jewellery front and one good incentive to drop 1 more dress size !!!

Alternative Graphic Tees
Alternative Graphic Tees by TalulaB featuring All Saints

ps: I am LOVING Polyvore at the minute !!!

The Parrot and Tiger Tee's are a collabaoration with artist Charlotte Cory, who I think everyone should check out.

Her work is fab - and I can highly recommend her book 'The Visitors' as an intro to her work.

From her webiste it also looks like there will soon be a jewellery line - Yay !!

Help - Tutorial Needed

I have amassed a large number of red pigments, and I would love to use them on my eyes but I have no idea what would suit me (and make sure I don’t just look hungover)

I love this picture of Dita from the current Dare by Superdrug, but I don’t know where to start so if anyone out there enjoys making YouTube tutorials, one on this look would be much appreciated.


Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Slowly redeeming themselves

I have always had a funny relationship with Barry M as a brand.

The colour ranges are fantastic and right up my street – but apart from the nail varnishes I have never really got the results I expect from their products.

Well, that was until I tried there new Lip Lacquer Crayons –  Because these I love .

They are easy to apply and extremely well pigmented. Most importantly, they feel fantastic on (unlike some of the lipsticks I have tried – In my opinion)

I have No.2 and No.3 at the moment and I will be No.1 If I can find it in stock anywhere.

without flash
 No3.  Mandarin and then No2. Cherry Red (which is more pink than red)
with flash

Has anyone else tried them??