Friday, 26 March 2010

Ear Art For Everyone

I finally get to post about fantastic earrings for flared and non-flared lobes alike.

Since deciding to stretch my ear lobe (yes I did do just one) when I went through my teenage rebellion stage, about six months ago lol, I have purchased hardly any earrings.

To start with I was quite pleased that I had only done one as I was getting to use all those single earring I have lying around for no reason, but recently I had been getting bored so I have been unsuccessfully hunting for something different.

Unsuccessful that was, until Monday when by chance I managed to find 2 of the most fantastic shops on etsy for pieces of ear art.

For those with non flared lobes but who like that ‘look’ there is DECEPTIONS, who produce spirals and plugs who give the appearance of being flared but are actually worn like a normal earring. The picture below will explain what I am trying to say much more clearly.

Then for those with flared lobes there is GIOVANNACORAGGIO.
The designs in this shop really are pieces of art.




These are on hold so I havent included a link but I think that these along with Anubis are my favourites.

I have always been a black tube or crescent spiral type of gal ( I purchase these from  if anyone is interested ) but I am definitely going to be getting some of these pieces so I can add something different to my look.

I am starting to feel really glad I only flared one lobe as I can now wear a deceptions piece in my non flared lobe with a plain black tube or I can wear a giovannacoraggio design in my flared lobe with a normal plain stud.

The only slight issue I have is that both of these shops sell in pairs and so I am effectively paying twice as much.  But they also both offer a bulk buy deal,BUY 3 pairs and get a FREE PAIR, which helps to lessen the blow

Update: I contacted both shops to let them know I have only one ear flared and they are both going to keep any single pieces they end up with through breakages etc for me.

Do any of these pieces take your fancy??

I have all the gear..

Now i just need the motivation to get my bum off the sofa and run.

Any ideas are much appreciated

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Working out like a Doll

I finally got round to trying the PussyCat Dolls workout DVD last night (after it has sat unopened since Christmas)

I’m not going to review it as such, just put down on paper the things that came out of my mouth today whilst chatting to a colleague about it.

As soon as the first shot appeared I went into mum mode – All the girls and Robin have fantastic bodies but they were not wearing enough clothes. And the blatant trying really hard to be sexy thing just made me embarrassed. Talk about hairography !!!

Please excuse the Glee reference - I am suck a Gleek and I think I am in love with Puck.

I really hope I look as good as Robin at 48 years old but you can get your point across and be sexy in more clothes.

Embarrassment aside I started the DVD and very quickly got even more embarrassed.

I don’t need to see people slapping and shaking their bums so enthusiastically. I know its one way to ramp up the energy level but it made me cringe.

That aside the routines were broken down well enough to allow you to remember them and The jumps, kicks and punches all ramp up the energy which makes it feel more like your doing exercise than trying to seduce your telly whilst wearing gym clothes (that’s how I felt and I am sure that’s some weird reflection on how my brain works)

I do think some of the individual moves were not explained well enough and for anyone not used to ‘shakin their booty’ (like me) they might be a bit awkward.

I have to say of anyone does like the idea of toning up whilst learning to be sexy, then Carmen Electra’s dvd’s are worth looking at.

I have 2 of them and i think she is fantastic at putting her knowledge of all dance genres and exercise together to make the workouts fun but rewarding.

I have lent the Pussycat dolls dvd to my colleague at work who seemed very interested to try it so I will add her thoughts to this post once I have them as I am sure they will be much more constructive.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this DVD, or any other ‘sexy’ exercise DVD’s you would recommend.

Friday, 19 March 2010

I am a creature of habbit * Statment Pieces

I am a creature of habbit.

If I need cheering up I look for jewellery and accessories that I want (and in more cases than not cant afford) and my first stops are always.....

These are the bits I am lusting over at the moment from Kabiri


Items in this set:
Hinge Ring, 190 GBP

And now my Etsy Finds ....

Metaphoric Play no5

Metaphoric Play no4

They remind me slightly of the Holly Fulton pieces I love so much .

I have also randomly found other things i like from.....

I am in love with the zebra print.

and this scarf by Huftgold from Yogoego

Huftgold Scarf

I have not purchased from them yet but will be doing so soon as they offer 10% discount on your first order,they are on quidco, and probably more importantly for those who are not as into me at finding a bargain.... is your online fashion and beauty store launched to give you the shopper REAL choice. We offer a comprehensive range of quality, cutting edge brands and own label products. Our aim is to deliver the latest trends from around the world and be at the forefront as your shopping destination.Targeted towards the fashion conscious, is focused fashion, fused with first hand editorial to keep you informed on what's hot!

I DID IT !!!!

Endurance is one of the most difficult disciplines, but it is to the one who endures that the final victory comes.

I finally managed to run my standard 2.5k route without stopping.

And I managed to do it in 19.41 minutes which is my quickest time to date.

“It is better to take many small steps in the right direction than to make a great leap forward only to stumble backward.”
Old Chinese Proverb

My next challenge is 3K .....

my maps are from Mapometer which is one of the easiest to use mapping websites I have used to date.

" (short for mapping pedometer) is an international site providing runners, cyclists and walkers with an easy way to measure the distances of their runs, jogs, rides, walks and hikes using Google maps. It also provides training logs, altitude and elevation measuring and the ability to share routes. Used by athletes worldwide as a tool to train for marathons, half-marathons and triathlons and occasional joggers, mountain bikers and sports men and women to see how far they are going and keep fit. "

Dont forget that I am doing all this running in preparation to support a fantastic cause by doing the Race for Life

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

I'm Going It Alone * SparkPeople*JuggleFit

I have decided that once my Weight Watcher monthly pass is up (first week of April) I will not be attending my meetings anymore.

I am now in the habbit of tracking so as I dont tend to stay for the meetings I would rather be spending my money and time on taking part in some type of exercise class.

I live near a Martial Arts academy so I am hoping to convince my sister to go with me to a KickBoxing class regularly.

Did you know kickboxing on average for a female burns 545 calories per hour and for a male around 600 calories.

I also definately want to work on my running - once I meet my own targets for my round the block run I want to start working towards the army's criteria (I don't really know why - I just another way to measure my progress) which there will be a separate post about.

I think I am going to start blogging more about my diet as support and accountability are what i need most, and i will be using the fantastic resources available on Sparkpeople on a much more regular basis.

For a free site I think it's FANTASTIC.

My only gripe is that the Shop does not ship Internationally - which is really bugging me as I want this...

SparkPeople Monthly Tracking Calendar- Now with Stickers!

The stickers are important - If my toddler can have a sticker reward chart why cant I

I will also be starting my hunt for the perfect food diary - Again  and trying out as many new DVD's and gadgets as I have the funds (and time) to do.

My current thing is...

Heather was kind enough to send me both DVD's to try out after I expressed an interest in some of the benefits it claims.

Juggling is a truly portable workout.

Juggling makes you smarter.

Juggling sharpens focus & concentration.

Juggling is the ultimate in stress relief.

Juggling is an exercise that doesn't 'feel' like exercise.

You can juggle where you are, no travel required!

Juggling maintains and increases range of motion in the arms and shoulders.

Juggling is one of the best ways to improve coordination.

Juggling is beneficial for all age groups and body types.

Juggling helps ward off cravings.

Juggling makes exercising with family and friends easy.
I will post a full review when I can actually juggle long enough to watch most of the DVD rather than spend my time searching the living room for renegade balls.

The first gadget I want to try is one of these PowerBreathe thingy's as I have a really crap poor lung capacity and I am sure it could help improve my running.

POWERbreathe Classic Medium Resistance £29.99

 has anyone tried one???

Wish me luck.

I am thinking of getting a scarab beetle tatoo as they are a good luck symbol

Friday, 12 March 2010

What an Inspiration............

In 3 years Melanie Ryding has gone from 'overweight and unfit' to a member of the Team GB Triathalon team. I would spell out her story but Zest has a fantastic piece on her this month and this peice below gets the point accross.

Melanie Ryding, a teacher from Northampton, UK, decided to finally lose weight in June 2006 after she could no longer fit into her size 16 jeans. She said: “I just wasn’t prepared to be that size anymore. I tried exercising before, but I felt too large, people kept staring and it was too much effort.

A healthy weight loss program helped her to lose 25 pounds over 4 months. Then to keep the weight off, she joined the Wellingborough and District Athletics Club and Northants Triathlon Club. Today she has qualified to represent Britain in the World Triathlon Championships in Australia this September.

Zest Piece
(excuse the dodgy scanning)

I do hope that I can use her sucess as an inspiration to keep attending weight watcher as she did (and make it work for me) and actually get of my bum and go running.

I LOVE running, but getting out the front door always seems so much harder than the run itself. I am going to make an effort to train more, especially as i have the race for life in 8 weeks *gasp*, and who knows where i could be in 3 years

Picture is from a fantastic photographer Xipeteon

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Absurd and Tacky or Kooky and Unusual

I was really surprised when reading the comments on the bagsnob post that introduced me to the Chanel Paris-Shangahi Doll bag, that some people find the bag “absurd” and “tacky”, whilst I find it stunning.

Is this just a case of my fashion sense or lack of being soooooo off the mark that I am just getting it blatantly wrong or is it as I would like to think, that I just appreciate things with a bit more individuality.

One of the comments also mentioned that Judith Leiber's bags were also considered tacky, where as I think some of them, though ridiculously expensive are exquisite.

what a stunning colour !!!

Just a Few of my favourites from

What’s your view on ‘unusual’ bags???

And whilst on the subject of slightly different bag’s, I think everyone should take a trip over to bagpoor and see the fantastic designs of Lee Mattocks, in a designer spotlight.

picture from Lee's Ma Show here

All my favourite things in one place....

 Russian Dolls
 Graphic Tops

all from.........

'Russian Doll Family' Jumper


Vests - only £13 each

I'm struggling to decide which one to get, so I may just have to get all 3

and Stacking Dolls (£25 per set)......